Text Box: Sound Stop Acoustic Curtains

This new generation industrial acoustic partition system can be adapted to many industrial noise problems where the building of walls or structural shields is not wanted or viable.

Sound Stop acoustic curtains utilised to stop noise from a turbine by the use of these flexible acoustic screens.


An enclosure was installed to control high frequency sound created by the turbine when in operation. A critical requirement of the Sound Stop screen was the need to fully open to allow unobstructed access for maintenance and also complete removal and reinstallation of the turbine.


A system of sliding screens that attach to each other was created to absorb and stop noise from affecting other areas within the workplace in order to create a safer and more efficient working environment.


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Sound Stop Acoustic Curtains are:

 UV Resistant

 Produced in panels to be mounted on a rail around the noise source

 Panels are joined by velcro covered seams on each side

 Allow easy access to machinery at any time

 Custom made to suit your required dimensions