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Wavebar® flexible noise barrier is the easiest and most effective means to reduce noise through walls, floors and ceilings in buildings, automobiles, trucks, boats and ships. Wavebar provides ideal performance in muffling explosions and reduces environmental noise from jack-hammers, drilling rigs and pile drivers, even in open cut and tunnel mining operations.

Wavebar and Quadzero...


· are easy to cut and fabricate around pipe penetrations, ducting and cabling

· boast high tensile strength

· are highly resistant to tearing

· are highly chemically resistant to oils, alkalis and acids

· enable unusually long vertical drops, providing an economical noise-barrier system even where space is limited

· come in weights of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 kg/m2

· Quadzero can be joined with aluminium-reinforced tape which can eliminate the need to use adhesives or mechanical fastening.

Wavebar is a specially engineered material

consisting of a mineral loaded polymer supported by a reinforcing fabric.


The limp, flexible nature of Wavebar, combined with its high mass, provides a resonance free barrier to both low and high frequency noise. The internal damping characteristics of Wavebar make it especially suited to use in stiff structures where coincidence and resonance effects are a concern.


Wavebar’s excellent drapability and thin section, combined with ease of cutting and fixing add to its .


Also available is Wavebar Outdoor that incorporates a UV resistant surface for the most arduous industrial applications.


Quadzero—foil faced flexible noise barrier exhibits four zero performance to AS 1530.3(1999), and as such meets all current building requirements for fire resistance.


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Above: Wavebar® flexible noise barrier is also incorporated in our composite materials that are designed to decouple from structural noise and also absorb environmental noise.

Below: Soundmat, when applied over the floor, or firewall, of vehicles provides a significant increase in noise transmission loss.