Text Box: Fibre Modules

Fibre modules are a unique solution to high temperature insulation needs in industrial heaters, boilers and furnaces as well as many other applications.  Marlin offer a complete line of fibre module products featuring:

· Pyro-Bloc®, Pyro-Fold™ and Pyro-Stack™ designs

· attachment anchoring systems

· construction design services available for lining industrial furnaces

The exclusive Pyro-Bloc products have set the standard for quality and versatility in furnace lining systems. Pyro-Bloc modules are the only "monolithic" ceramic fibre modules on the market.  Manufactured from Pyro-Log, a monolithic ceramic fibre log, they are fabricated into modules that offer superior performance and durability.

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Pyro-Bloc modules combine the insulating material advantages of fibre with rapid furnace installation.  The monolithic fibre is easy to cut and fit around openings and modify in the field.  In addition, these modules are lightweight, have low heat storage and provide durable service.

Marlin Insulation has a family of weld-on modules that has evolved over the years.  These modules incorporate all the advantages of our standard fibre blanket products in a pre-compressed modular form and offer non-exposed anchoring, economical installation and a positive mechanical attachment.  

Above: Pyro log a monolithic log of fibre which forms the basis for Pyro Bloc modules.

Below: construction of Pyro bloc module.

Above: Pyro Bloc Y module installation via stud welding machine.


Above: Pyro Fold modules