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Superwool thermal insulation products are available in a wide variety of forms including Bulk, Blanket, Boards, Felt, Paper and Vacuum Formed, Pyro-Logs, Pyro-Blocs, Z-Bloks, and Mastic products.

Superwool meets the requirements requested under NOTA Q. All Superwool fibre products are exonerated from classification & labelling regulation in Europe. Therefore eliminating OH&S issues relating to the use of refractory ceramic fibre.

The Thermal Ceramics Superwool family of products offers a versatile alternative to traditional insulation solutions for commercial, industrial, and transportation applications.  Superwool products are special alkaline earth composition fibers that have been uniquely engineered to offer advantages in high temperature insulation applications:

 low thermal conductivity

 low bio-persistence

 low linear shrinkage up to their use limit


The grades of Superwool readily available from our warehouse :

 Superwool 607 Classification Temperature 1100C (2012F)

 Superwool 607 HT Classification Temperature 1300C (2372F)


These lightweight wool fibres are manufactured using QS 9000/ISO 9002-certified processes. and can be bagged as bulk, air laid into blankets, converted into boards and shapes, converted into folded modules, blended with liquid binders for coatings and cements, mixed with other materials for wear and friction resistance.

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