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Firemaster systems are tested to many international standards and have approvals valid worldwide for cellulosic, hydrocarbon and jet fire protection.

FireMaster products provide high performance fire protection for:

 Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Sports Stadiums and Airport Terminals

 Industrial Plants

 Petrochemical plants

 Offshore Platforms and FPSOs

 Cruise Ships, Military Vessels, Mega Yachts and Fast Ferries

 Tunnels and underground construction


FireMaster products offer fire protection with thermal and acoustic insulation in a single product, and due to the lightweight flexible nature of the material, labour is significantly reduced during installation, especially where space is limited.

Thermal Ceramics FireMaster products and engineered systems are:

 Used globally to protect people and structures against fire

 Comprehensively fire tested and approved to national and international standards


The FireMaster product range encompasses:

 Lightweight insulating fiber products supplied in a variety of product forms

 Spray applied cementitious products

 Engineered systems incorporating FireMaster products and other components

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Firemaster: plain and scrimmed with reinforced aluminium foil.

Firemaster used in marine applications for structural fire protection for steel, aluminium & composite vessels.

Firemaster Blanket System used for protecting instrument and control cables.

Other Firemaster systems for Jetfire & vessel protection