Text Box: Structural Fire Protection for the protection of people, capital equipment or assets.

Firemaster—Structural Fire Protection

Text Box: Blankets and other insulation products with classification temperatures up to 1300°C based on soluble fibre technology that are non-hazardous and biodegradable.

Superwool—Thermal Insulation Products

Text Box: Products that insulate to improve energy efficiency, and/or protect people and the environment from heat sources.

Other heat containment & thermal insulation

Text Box: Products to stop noise transmission.

Soundguard—Acoustic Barriers

Text Box: Products to absorb environmental noise.

Soundguard-Acoustic Absorbers

Text Box: Products to dampen structural borne noise generation.

Soundguard—Acoustic Vibration Dampeners

Product List

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Fibre Modules

Fibre modules are a unique solution to high temperature insulation needs in industrial heaters, boilers and furnaces as well as many other applications. 

Sound Stop—Acoustic Curtains

Text Box: Moveable acoustic curtains provide a combination of an acoustic barrier and absorber for use in applications where access to plant is required.

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